The Power of Adoption

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The following story has been shared by HSTC adopter Karen Boole.

Karen spent at least two years looking for a new dog after her yellow lab crossed the rainbow bridge. She visited every shelter, constantly looking at online pet searches to find the right match. Even though every dog Karen met was adorable and had their own, wonderfully individual personalities, she just convinced.

As fate would have it, our shelter posted a Waived Adoption Fee event in March of 2020, in response to the COVID-19 outbreak. Karen decided to visit that week to meet the adoptable pups. As soon as she walked in, Karen saw Otter - a tiny and scared little dog. The two locked eyes, and Karen knew in that moment that he was hers.

Karen says of Otter, "he is definitely my best friend." They celebrated Otter's second birthday together in August.

With all of the craziness and uncertainty that the pandemic has caused world-wide, Karen admits, "I do get to say I got a good thing out of this time, and that is my best friend, Otter."

Research shows that pets play a crucial role in fighting loneliness during the pandemic. Read more here.

Interested in adopting? Our online pet-search tool connects directly with our shelter's pet database, so all adoptable pets are updated in real time. Meet your next best friend here!




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