Lexi in Search of Forever Home after One Year in Shelter

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Lexi, a sweet four-year-old German shepherd, came into our care with megaesophagus (ME). With ME, dogs are unable to swallow food normally because their esophagus lacks the muscular tone and motility needed to move food and water. Instead, their esophagus dilates and food backs up, causing the poor pups to regurgitate the meal. Because of her inability to keep her food down, Lexi was also extremely underweight and suffering from aspiration pneumonia.

We immediately knew what an incredibly unique and difficult case this would be, but we were determined to save Lexi. We provided special medication, treatment, diet, and even utilize a special chair, called a Bailey Chair, to aid in her digestion. Lexi gained healthy weight and developed an energetic, playful personality to match her young age. After more than four months of treatment, Lexi was finally ready and eager to find her forever home.

Over 14 months later, Lexi is still in search of that forever home. This past July marked the anniversary of Lexi’s arrival at our shelter. Though she came to us underweight, sick, and untreated for her ME, this now beautiful and healthy German shepherd has been wasting her youth in a shelter, instead of in a loving home with a family.

With the exception of her ME, Lexi is a completely healthy young dog. She does need to be served her meals three times, daily, and allowed 30 minutes to eat her food and digest in her Bailey Chair. Otherwise, she is healthy, active, and very playful - just as any young pup is!

We implore our community to help us find a forever home for Lexi. She is playful and snuggly and would do best as an only fur child. If you, or someone you know, think that Lexi would be a great addition to your family, or if you have any questions about her, please call our Humane Society directly at (772) 223-8822 to speak to a member of the HSTC adoptions team.




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