Letter from a Former Shelter Pet

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Dear Humane Society of the Treasure Coast,

It's been a few years since I was taken home in 2016. I was just a little puppy then, but I'm a big boy now! Not much has changed, except my name. Mom says my name used to be Sonny. It was changed to Odysseus - Ody for short - when she brought me home. (Even though I have many...many nicknames. Mommy's favorite nickname to call me is Monkey.)

My mommy loves me very much. She tells me every day. I even have a daddy now! They're getting married soon. He's lots of fun and we always play! My mom works from home so we're together, like, ALL the time. I even have a best friend named Thaira who was also adopted from you! She's a little older though. Grandma and grandpa brought her home in 2010 but she still plays like a puppy!

Well, I just wanted to send a quick little message to say thank you. I'm very happy, and my mommy and daddy are very happy. I'm so so so loved and am forever grateful that you were able to help me find my home all those years ago. Some images for your viewing pleasure have been attached. Mommy even has an Instagram for me if you're interested in keeping up with my everyday life!

Thank you,


Odysseus (Sonny) adopted from our shelter in 2016 by mom, Ashley.


A beautiful strong boy, thriving in his forever home!




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