A Heartfelt Tale: Michael & Nixon

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The following story was shared by HSTC adopter Crystal Fusco.

Michael (front) was adopted from our humane society in 2009, and Nixon (back) was adopted from another rescue group in 2010.

Michael and Nixon were two of the best things to ever happen to Crystal. They were almost exactly one year apart in age, and were together for over 10 years. Nixon sadly lost his fight against kidney failure on June 15, 2021. They fought so hard for two months, with subcutaneous fluids, weight gainer and syringe feedings every day. Sadly, it came to the point where his little body couldn't fight anymore.

While grieving the loss of Nixon, little did Crystal know that Michael was taking it the hardest. Just three very short days after Nixon crossed the rainbow bridge, Michael started having trouble breathing and went into congestive heart failure.

Michael quite literally died of a broken heart.

Crystal's heart is still very broken, and she isn't sure she will every fully heal from losing both of her fur babies, especially being only days a part from one another.

The bond that these cats shared is beautiful. Just as pets so easily become beloved members of our families, our loss of these furry family members is is deeply felt. We grieve the loss of Michael and Nixon with Crystal, and with all of you who have also lost your furry friends.

If you have recently lost your pet, we hope that you can take comfort in knowing that you provided a life full of shelter, food, and love to your pet. In our line of work, we unfortunately know too well just how many pets are not lucky enough to find that in their lifetime.




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