12 Strays of Christmas

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Between December 12, 2020 and December 23, 2020, HSTC featured our 12 longest shelter residents with a special 12 "Strays" of Christmas countdown! The length of stay recorded for each pet was the length as of February 1, 2021. Unless otherwise noted below, each of these strays are still available for adoption. If you are interested in adopting any of these pets, please call our shelter at (772) 223-8822 to schedule an appointment. If you are unable to adopt at this time, please share this post to help us find the perfect home for these special animals!


For our first stray of Christmas, we present Plumeria & Frangipani!

Plumeria and Frangipani arrived together at our shelter from a neighboring community in July. These young buns haven’t had the best luck find a forever home just yet. Despite living in our shelter for nearly 185 days, Plumeria and Frangipani both remain very sweet, people-friendly, and social. In fact, whenever someone visits our shelter and asks to meet with the friendliest bunny, it’s Frangipani who gets the meet and greet out of all the bunnies in our care!


For our second stray of Christmas, we present Lexi!

Lexi, a sweet three year old German shepherd, who came to our care in July. Her megaesophagus (ME) had been left untreated, resulting in aspiration pneumonia and seriously underweight. Thanks to our animal care team, Lexi is much better today and looking for her forever home! Now that she’s healthy, Lexi is just the dog you imagine a three year old to be. She loves to play in puddles and snuggle up to the humans in her life.

She’s been patiently waiting in our shelter for her new family to find her for 192 days.


For our third stray of Christmas, we present Billina!

Billina came into the shelter severely overweight and covered in feces and urine. It took quite the TLC to help this sassy girl drop the LBs. But now, she’s a healthy weight of 4.08 pounds. Billina does have some dietary issues therefore needs a small amount of dark leafy greens and unlimited timothy hay. Billina is a woman with a dark and mysterious past, which sometimes makes her moody. She just needs a rabbit savvy family who will understand her!

Billina has been patiently waiting in our shelter for her new family to find her for 206 days.


For our fourth stray of Christmas, we present Vladimir!

When Vlad first arrived at the shelter in June, he was completely bald on his back. He has improved so much since then! He’s still a bit of a shy bun. Because he wasn’t socialized very well in his previous home, we do recommend that he live in a home with children over 12 years of age.

Vladimir has been patiently waiting in our shelter for his new family for 209 days.


For our fifth stray of Christmas, we present Sandy!

Sandy is a relaxed girl who walks nice on the leash, knows some basic commands, does well around other dogs, loves to snuggle, and is treat motivated. Sandy is on a special diet because she has allergies.

Sandy has been patiently waiting in our shelter for her new family for 212 days.


For our sixth stray of Christmas, we present Mr. Krabs!

Mr. Krabs is anything but crabby! He came to our shelter totally emaciated and in over-all very poor health. At the time, he only weighed 5 pounds! We nursed him back to health and he became ready for adoption a couple months later. He still has a sensitive tummy and is on special food for it, and he does need to eat out of a slow feeder because he will scarf his whole meal down in 2 seconds otherwise (you would too, if you were as food deprived as he was when he came to us!). Mr. Krabs is FIV+ (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus Positive), but don’t let that scare you. He can live a long, happy life, just like any other cat! He is an affectionate lap cat and a beautiful long haired fluffy boy, who doesn’t mind other cats or calm dogs.

Mr. Krabs waited in our shelter for his new family for 180 days - and we are excited to announce that he has finally been adopted!


For our seventh stray of Christmas, we present Stitch!

This two-year-old, 54-pound Terrier mix will instantly steal your heart away! He’s playful, loving, and a personal favorite of so many in the HSTC family. He is full of personality, and especially enjoys playing with his toys and rolling around. Don’t let his childlike demeanor fool you though. Stitch knows his commands, walks well on his leash, and is also well house-trained. HSTC advises that he be the only dog in the house, but would be an excellent addition to any family!

Stitch has been patiently waiting for his new family for 220 days - and we are excited to announce that he has finally been adopted!


For our eighth stray of Christmas, we present Bailey!

Bailey is a very handsome and energetic 6.5 year old Boxer mix who is looking for a fur-ever home to call his own. Bailey tends to find himself overstimulated when playing with children and playtime often escalates to roughhousing very quickly, so he would do best in a house with older children. Bailey has wonderful manners; he knows “sit”, takes treats gently, and walks well on leash. He enjoys being outside and running around the agility field. He will chase the water from the hose and loves chasing toys. Just don’t expect him to bring the toys back – he just loves the chase!

Bailey has been patiently waiting in our shelter for his new family for more than 225 days.


For our ninth stray of Christmas, we present Ti!

Ti is a very shy but sweet cat. Since being at our shelter, she’s starting to come out of her shell more and more, even getting quite chatty! Ti likes quiet attention for short periods of time and enjoys a great deal of alone time.

Ti has been patiently waiting at North Thrift Store for her new family for 230 days.


For our tenth stray of Christmas, we present Shiva!

Shiva is an incredibly playful and wiggly five-year-old Rottweiler mix. Shiva is often described by her admirers as a “fluffy, wiggle-butt” because of how affectionate and snuggly she is towards people. She is very tidy in her kennel (and may even be housetrained!) and she has great leash manners. Shiva would prefer to be the only pet in the home and would do best with older children.

Shiva has been patiently waiting in our shelter for her new family for 338 days.


For our eleventh stray of Christmas, we present Cranberry!

Cranberry has had a hard time finding a forever home because of her medical condition, called hyperesthesia, which increases the sensitivity of her senses. Despite this condition, Cranberry isn’t slowed down in the slightest! She has such a loveable and playful personality. When her foster mom comes home each day, Cranberry always greets her by the door, and loves to play around the house. She’s so good when taking her medication and will purr away on your lap!

Cranberry has been patiently waiting in our shelter for her new family for 441 days.


For our twelfth stray of Christmas, we present Sammy!

Sammy is super sweet. He enjoys being pet and brushed, and is one of our more outgoing adoptable cats. We just can’t understand why he’s been with us for so long! He does have asthma and is currently on an oral steroid treatment, otherwise he’s a healthy, loveable cat who would make a great addition to any family.

Sammy has been patiently waiting in our shelter for her new family for 485 days.




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