One Saved Life Results in Professional and Personal Success for HSTC Employee

Event Date: 15 Apr 2019

Written by Taylor Gilmour

A nearby animal shelter was going to euthanize sweet Adele, a whippet mix, after her owners surrendered her at just 3 months old because of apparent leg issues.

Fortunately, our shelter intervened and transferred the puppy here. HSTC Director of Humane Education, Jessie Clifford, volunteered to foster the pup in her home while Adele got the care and treatment she needed to grow healthy enough for adoption. After many weeks, and a whole lot of compassionate care and love, Adele grew stronger and started to run and play without any traceable signs of pain.

When Adele was ready to go up for adoption, it was a hard separation for her foster mom. After a full week in adoption, Adele was still sitting in our shelter, waiting for her forever family. Jessie felt that fate was intervening – yet again- and the Clifford family made Adele an official member of their family! It’s now been ten months, and Adele continues to improve and enjoys wrestling with her big siblings, Sadie and Doby.

“I cannot imagine our life without her,” Jessie said.

With the help of generous donors, the HSTC was able to save the life of a young puppy and bring together a family.

This has been both a personal and professional victory for Jessie. “I am so thankful to be working for a shelter that does everything they can to rehabilitate animals,” Jessie said, looking back at the experience. “Seeing Adele get the chance to grow from her fragile state as a puppy to the thriving dog she is today is something that we can all be proud of. Not every shelter is able to save animals like Adele, so I’m just really thankful for our animal care team and our supporters who recognize that lives like Adele’s matter enough to preserve.”