Newsweek - Bumbi

Event Date: 1 May 2024

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Dog Abandoned for Being Too Big Doesn't Understand Why 'Nobody Wants Him'

A shelter has revealed the heartbreaking reason why an 8-year-old dog has found himself without a home.

In a video on TikTok, the Humane Society of the Treasure Coast (HSTC) introduced Bumbi, a 120-pound Alaskan Malamute. Cuddling a stuffed toy and looking confused in his kennel, the large dog was recently surrendered to the shelter in Palm City, Florida, because his owners couldn't handle his large size. The caption started: "Bumbi doesn't understand why nobody wants him."

"He was surrendered for being too big for the house," Sarah Fisher, communications manager at HSTC told Newsweek.

"Bumbi is a very sweet dog. He loves treats and can 'sit' and 'give paw.' Bumbi can be selective about his dog friends, so a meet-and-greet to any new potential doggy sibling would be required," said Fisher. "He is potty-trained and is in good health. He loves to be pet and loves to lay by your side."

In 2023, 6.5 million animals entered U.S. shelters, according to Shelter Animals Count, up 4 percent when compared to 2022 intakes. At the end of 2023, 117,000 additional dogs and cats were in the animal sheltering system, compared to the same time the year before.

Around 850,000 animals were euthanized in shelters in 2023, a rise of 15 percent when compared to 2022. Shelters are striving to minimize euthanasia rates by promoting adoption campaigns, spaying and neutering programs, and behavior rehabilitation.

In the comments on the viral video, people shared their love for the Alaskan Malamute. "I'll have Bumbi, my husky would love him," posted adamevans329, while user1678211640023 wrote: "How could they just surrender him. My oldie is staying with me until I go or she goes but we are staying together."

HSTC was founded in 1955. A no-kill shelter, its mission is to provide care to every animal that comes through its doors, regardless of health, age, temperament or breed.

Bumbi did go out to a foster, but was returned due to the dog "not being a good fit" for their household. People have come in for meet-and-greets, but nobody has been interested in adopting him yet.

"Bumbi's ideal home would be someone with breed experience who is ready to take on a big, sweet ball of fluff," said Fisher. "Bumbi is a pretty relaxed dog and does not have high energy, so a calm household would be great for him. Ideally, a big yard is a plus, but that is not required."