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Event Date: 25 Apr 2024

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‘Perfectly imperfect’ dog needs home after 800 days in Florida shelter. ‘Give me a try?’

A “perfectly imperfect” dog has been in a Florida shelter for more than 800 days — and he still needs a home. “I don’t understand why nobody wants me,” the Humane Society of the Treasure Coast said in Facebook post written from the perspective of Jamal the dog. “I try to give them puppy eyes, and even a little whine to let them know how desperate I am for a home. I have never once gotten adopted in the 2+ years I’ve been waiting.”

The humane society shared the emotional post April 26, about 800 days after Jamal landed at its Palm City facility. He arrived in February 2022 after his owner needed to move and couldn’t bring him along, Sarah Fisher, communications manager for the shelter, told McClatchy News in an email. Early on, Jamal was “terrified and did not like to be touched.” But over the years, the quiet dog reportedly has grown to trust shelter workers. “I had a rough start to life,” the humane society wrote. “I wasn’t socialized well as a puppy, and it took me a long time to come out of my shell.”

Jamal, now the shelter’s longest resident, also has become known for his love of playing fetch and splashing in doggy pools. He’s still apprehensive around new people, and the shelter hopes he will find a patient owner. “I get so excited when visitors come to the shelter,” the animal organization wrote in its most recent post. “I think… is this really going to be MY day for a family? But then they leave with another dog and my heart is shattered to pieces.”

The shelter, which said Jamal ends up “heartbroken” when he’s not adopted, believes he would do best in a home with no other pets. He’s described as a “perfectly imperfect” mixed-breed dog wanting a second chance. “All I ask is for a home,” the shelter wrote. “Will you at least give me a try?” As of April 29, the humane society’s website showed 4-year-old Jamal was still in need of a new owner or foster home. More details about the shelter’s adoption process can be found at