Dogs get New Lives in Local Hoarding Case

Event Date: 17 Apr 2019

This past spring, Deli – presumably an 8-year-old mini-poodle mix – and 39 other dogs were brought to us from a nearby rural community following a hoarding investigation.

These helpless pups had been neglected and forced to roam around in their own defecation, causing severe coat matting and urine scalding, which burns and rots the skin. Additionally, our veterinarian found obvious evidence of inbreeding, and it was clear to her that none of these animals had been socialized with humans before. The dental conditions of these dogs were also inhumane, causing most of their teeth to have rotted out entirely.

Our clinic shaved and cleaned the matted coats, performed spay/neuter procedures, provided skin treatment, and removed whatever rotted teeth these helpless dogs had left. From there, most of these dogs had to move into foster homes for weeks to receive the socialization they never had as puppies.

As devastating as these cases are to hear about, Dr. Diskant thinks our ability to take them on is what sets HSTC a part from the rest of the shelter pack.

She said, “It took a lot of time and patience for our animal care staff to be able to get these animals in a healthy condition for adoption, but it says a lot about our shelter that we’re able to provide the necessary care for this large group of helpless animals.”

Of the 40 dogs we received from this single hoarding home, we are so proud to say that every single one, including Deli, has now been adopted through our shelter!